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WuXi JiuNuo Welding & Cutting Technology Co.,Ltd is featured with many years’ production experience in heavy-duty automated welding quipment and CNC cutting machine. We play a leading technology level in this field. Moreover, we are proud of providing full service from the design, manufacturing, installation,commissioning to afer-sale service.
JiuNuo, located in the golden land of the Yangtze Delta, is featured by the potential and obvious advantages for economic development. And particularly favourable geographic environment.
We are mainly engaged in welding anxiliary equipements like column and boom, welding rotators, welding positioners, etc. Also, CNC cutting machines (flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting machines) are our vital products. We enjoy good reputation and our Jiunuo brand are occupied in the consumers’ mind. The equipments are exported to Europe and southeast Asia such as Italy, Sweden, Russia, Japan, ect.
Established in 2008, JiuNuo highly values creativity, innovation, and qualtity. We shall take firm steps in this regard and embrace the world with an open mind.

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