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High mast welding machine
High mast automatic welding machine is a high-efficiency longitudinal seam welding machine for diffirent kinds of cylinders, conicals, square pipes after its bending.Lincoln welding machine DC-1000 is adopted for this welding.

Operating mode
-starting setting and on both sides of the hydraulic cylinder by manual alternate adjustment to the best GeFeng state.
-have operators monitoring automatic welding.
-manual welding parameters and set up on both sides of the hydraulic cylinder pressure.
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Product parameters
1. pole diameter 200-2500mm
2. pole length 2-15 m
3. pole thickness 4-25mm
4. pole material Q345, Q235,Q450
5. Poles can be round or polygonal
6. pole conical degree Max. 50mm for each meter
7. Single seam only, two sides forming
8. Welding speed 0.3-2m per min
9. Pole welding from large dia to small dia
10. Power supply: 380V/440V/220V 50/60HZ

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