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Pipe welding rotator
Product Application
Used to weld, polish and assemble the cylinder-shells, and to line the shells with rubber.
· Standard rolls materials: rubber and metal or customized (screw)
· Assistant equipment for automatic welding
· Distance between wheels can be adjustable
· Can make workpiece at optimum welding position (turning roll)
· Attaining purpose of reducing labor intensity, improving welding speed and guaranteeing welding quality
· AC converter stepless or electromagnetic speed adjust
· Low noise transmission and stable turning under welding parameter in range
· Suitable for circular vessel welding
· Customized welding turning rolls requirements are accepted
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Product Advantage
Pipe type, Pipe rotator
high quality
Reasonable price
good service

Main Technical Parameters
Model Pipe dia.(mm) Max load(kg) Motor power(w) Wheel Speed(mm/min) Wheels Size(mm) Overall Dim(LxWxH) Weight(Kg)
CZE-3 200-1500 3000 AC 200 W 80-1600 D200xW50 Power:900x700x530

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