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Routine operation method of small welding positioner
With the development trend of miniaturization of machinery and equipment becoming more and more obvious, small welding positioners are more and more widely used in the market. But we should know that each manufacturer adopts different technology, so their small welding positioners have different operation methods.

But one thing is the same: before using a small welding positioner, it is necessary to ensure that the plugs are connected correctly and reliably; at the same time, it is required that the grounding wire on the equipment is welded reliably with the ground, so that the scroll pump can be effectively protected from damage.

After eliminating all potential safety hazards, the power supply of the miniature welding positioner can be connected, and the power switch is turned on and the power indicator lights on. Generally, there are two kinds of small welding positioner: automatic and manual operation. If it is in manual state, it is necessary to control the rotation of the worktable by stepping on and loosening the pedal switch. When the machine enters the automatic state, the process and time control are automatically controlled systematically.

On the dashboard of the small welding positioner, there will be a directional rotation switch and a speed adjustment button to control the rotational direction and speed of the worktable. There is also the time control function of the small welding positioner, which can realize the automatic operation of the positioner within a predetermined period.

In addition, the small welding positioner also has the function of welding machine interface, which is the key to realize the linkage between welding machine and positioner. Of course, the realization of these functions also needs to adjust the corresponding switch or button to the designated position. For example, if users do not want to use the welding machine linkage, they can switch the LOCK button to OFF before starting the positioner.
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