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Design of Different Functions of Four Welding Positioning Machines
Welding positioner is widely used as we all know. Welding positioner is designed in different functions. It is mainly classified according to different characteristics of products. It can be divided into four main types:
1. Speed-adjustable welding positioner: at least one rotary motion design is needed, mainly for variable speed design;
2. Ordinary welding positioner: It basically drives at a constant speed in the whole rotation movement;
3. Joint control welding positioner: It not only has the corresponding speed regulation function, but also adopts the control system of PLC and micro-computer, which can work on different linkage of multi-machine and multi-degree of freedom.
4. Robot-matched welding positioner: It can be used directly as the external axis of the robot, or it can be used in welding as well as as as different transformations of workstations, so it does not need to be directly placed in the welding work to use.
The four points mentioned above mainly introduce the different function design of welding positioner, and these related function design should be designed according to the final requirements of customers or the characteristics of welding products. Therefore, in the process of selection, we should first understand the characteristics of welding and the final needs of customers clearly.
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