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Installation Notes of Welded Roller Frame
Installation Notes of Welded Roller Frame

(1) Before installing the equipment, we must do a good job of the foundation of the equipment, ensure the normal maintenance period of the concrete, and ensure that the installation position of the equipment is on the same horizontal line.

(2) When installing equipment, install and fix the equipment according to the installation requirements of general equipment. Expansion bolt can be used to fix the equipment (or press plate to fix it). When installing, two groups of rollers must be placed in parallel. The center of the rollers should be consistent, and the integrity of each part of the equipment should be ensured.

(3) After the installation of the equipment, check whether the parts of the equipment meet the assembly requirements, ensure the normal electrical wiring of each part, check and clean the peripheral of the equipment, and ensure that there are no obstacles affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Only after successful completion of several tasks can the equipment be powered on and operated. Note: If there are noise, vibration or asynchronism of rollers after power-on start-up of the equipment, power-off should be checked.
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