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Multi-tip cutter
The multi head strip cutting machine is a high-efficiency oxy-acetylene/ propane flame cutting equipment. It is applied for strip plate cutting. The both sides heating can effectively prevent thermal deformation of steel plate .it is widely used in machinery industry, the metal structure factory, shipbuilding, lifting and transportation machinery and other necessary equipment industry.
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Product parameters
Rail gauge 4000mm
Rail length 15000mm
Effective cutting width 80-3300mm
Effective cutting length 13000mm
Cutting thickness 6-100mm
Cutting speed 0-750mm/min
Longitudinal torch 8sets
Traverse torch 2sets
Cutting accuracy ±0.5mm/1000mm
Drive mode single/double drive
Cutting gas Oxygen / acetylene / propane
Power AC/220V/50HZ
Rated input capacity 1KW
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